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Piranha 150cc Electric start engine.

The Piranha 150 Electric start motor is the marriage of the honda bottom end and the Kawasaki KLX top end. Includes Shifter, intake manifold with spigot mount carb adapter, and gaskets. Engine can run as air cooled or hook up one of our oil coolers for total performance. Now comes with outer rotor ignition and oversized kick starter. This New Electric start motor has the Honda exhaust port to accommodate hundreds of models from ATC70's to Honda Trail 70's and more.

Displacement 149cc
Engine Type Air Cooled, Single-Cylinder, 2-valve, 4-stroke
Bore/Stroke 60mm x 53mm
Final Drive Chain
Fuel Delivery no
Fuel Unleaded / 91 Octane
Recommended Engine Oil 10W-40 Petroleum Based (Non synthetic)
Kick Start Yes
Electric Start Yes
CDI Yes 
Axillary Output Yes
Transmission 4-Speed Manual 4Up
Shift-Pattern Four-speed Transmission: N-1-2-3-4
Rear 5 plate manual

Engine Specs




Gears:4 speed ,bottom neutral 4 up shifting

Carb:See options

Ignition: Outer Rotor

Kit Includes:

CDI box

Kicker starter


Intake w/ boot

Starting pit bike engines will take some practice. All pit bike engines have relatively high compression ratios and require a "quality over quantity " approach in order to ensure quick start ups and avoid mechanical mishaps. It is important follow this routine the first few times when first attempting to start your bike.
  1. Slowly kick engine over until the kick start reaches a compression stroke (the point in which the kick start lever is hardest to push down.)
  2. Slowly continue to press the kick starter until the engine rotates slightly through the firmest point in the compression stroke.
  3. Allow the kick start lever to return back its top rest position
  4. With a quick and balanced motion - Move down forcefully on the kick lever. These motors need a strong, quick kick to get started.
  5. If you fail to follow this procedure, especially with longer stroke engines or 125cc + bores you can cause serious damage to your crankcase, clutch and transmissions assemblies!
Tips to Avoid kickback
  1. Hold onto the crossbar pad with your throttle hand while kicking the bike over to avoid twisting the throttle open by accident
  2. Before start up - turn the idle screw on the carburetor in a turn or 2 (turn the screw back out to normal idle setting once running.)
  3. Use a digital CDI with variable ignition timing at start-up, this will help reduce kick back and allow the bike to start much easier compared to the stock CDI unit.
  4. If ignition timing is adjustable it should be adjusted to the minimum
  5. Furious, repeated kicking will not get the engine started - firm, full stroke kicks are the only way to get them to start first kick, every time "Quality over Quantity"
  6. Throttle must be completely closed when you kick the engine over or it will kick back EVERY TIME.
  7. A small blip of the throttle maybe used when the engine is hot if required but NO more than 10 ° opening of the throttle in any case.

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