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49cc air cooled 2-stroke engine

Complete Engines
Item no:  5024

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Specifications: 49cc single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke. Fuel: 25:1 gasoline / engine oil mix. Piston Diameter:44MM. Top Mounting Brackets: 11cm. Bottom Mounting Brackets: 10.3cm. Top Through Hole Diameter M.B.: 0.161". Bottom Through Hole Diameter M.B.: 0.245". Exhaust Diameter: 0.589". Connector: 2 Pin. White Cord: 75cm. Length: 26cm x Width: 23cm x Height: 20cm. Clutch Mounting Hole Distance: 7.3cm .Clutch Mounting Hole Diameter: 0.289" . Clutch Pad: 2 Shoe, Carburetor Hole Diameter: 0.213" Pull Start Mounting Hole Distance: 7.3cm Weight: 4.5KG Fit: Majority of gas scooters, pocket bikes, and mini choppers configured with electric start MINI QUAD / ATV

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